The Challenge

A global building materials company that has presence in more than 50 countries throughout the world chose WFT to redesign and implement their production HACMP clusters and integrate with EMC SRDF. The customer has 6 2*node HACMP production clusters in SAP environment. The customer has three DMX-3 Arrays in SRDF/STAR configuration with the Primary workload array and the Synchronous target array (nearby remote site) in one location and the Asynchronous target array (distant remote site) in another country thousands of miles away. WFT redesigned HACMP topology, performed a smooth migration of HACMP from v5.2 to v5.4, reconfigured all production clusters and integrated with EMC SRDF. IBM HACMP has no built-in support for EMC storage replication technologies.

The Solution

WFT studied the customer’s HACMP environment and found a need to redesign all the HACMP clusters with a new topology. The design was based on industry’s best practice that provides reliability and best performance. WFT implemented the new design on HACMP v5.4 after completing migration from v5.2 and provided all the possible options to the customer to integrate HACMP with SRDF. With the option customer has chosen, both the primary and failover nodes would normally see the same storage which is R1 (Workload site). Any node-level failure would have no impact on the storage used but the storage-level failure would require a manual failover to the R2 array (Synchronous target site) using the same HACMP nodes. This requires cluster services stopped on both nodes, R1 devices unmasked and removed from both nodes, SRDF failover performed, R2 devices masked and discovered on both the nodes and cluster services started. Also, similar tasks must be performed with appropriate devices and in correct order for a manual failback. WFT built custom scripts to accomplish all of these tasks. A complete failover and failback can be performed just by running customized scripts. WFT team’s thorough knowledge and deeper understanding of IBM AIX, HACMP and EMC storage technologies added a great value to this solution.

The Result

A reliable and optimized HACMP cluster solution with EMC SRDF integrated. Customer gets the benefits of SRDF in a typical HACMP environment.